Hands of the Heron are a songwriters' collective from Bristol, UK. With tight vocal harmonies at the core of swirling technicolour soundscapes, they weave song-stories of love, loss and magical happenings that capture both ear and imagination.

Since their formation in 2016, they have appeared at numerous UK festivals, released an album and an EP (both available on Bandcamp), and are preparing to record a second album of original material later this year. They have supported respected artists such as Martha Tilston, The Langan Band, Jackie Oates and The Once, and worked closely with other emerging artists, including a tour with Berlin-based composer/producer Ben Osborn who appears on both of their existing releases.

Fuelled by a desire to share their craft and encourage expression among others, members of the collective have also hosted jam sessions with a focus on accessibility for female and non-binary musicians, and facilitated singing workshops to help others grow in confidence.

Band members:
Bea Rose Lee
Bec Garthwaite
Bethany Roberts
Claire Vine
Tom Yates